Live Accounts

Release Date : Jan 05,2012


Another, But Not All, Live Account With $250,000.00 USD Deposit...


Here Is Another Live Account With Deposit of $660,000.00 USD


Not only we tested our robots thousands of times in Optimal Bactesting, we also tested them on LIVE and HIGH VOLUME accounts such as this one: OVER $1,000,000.00 USD Deposit.

The reason why most(if not all) commercial EAs do not work and will only lose you money is because they have not been seriously tested in forward testing. Especially in Live Environment. You will mostly see proofs of live accounts of $1,000 or less, and most have their Account Number or Account Name covered up. Want to know why?

1- Something is definitely wrong with that proof of account - Can not be verified!

2- They are in a rush to sell the EAs to make money from you - The creator is not serious about his work.

3- They are not even sure if it will work so they dont want to risk too much of their own money(why would you?)


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