Release Date : Jan 05,2012

Dear Traders,


Many of us already know the important of news trading.  News trading can be a balance saver and can also be the quickest and shortest way to trading success.  One successful trade in 30 seconds can sometimes bring you profits equal to the whole month of day scalping.

For years, my team and I have been developing, testing and using our own trading robots, including the Miracle News Robot, for our private investment groups.  Not until lately during our latest board meeting in July 18, 2011, we decided to release miracle news robot to the public for the first time.

Though several professionals have been successfully leading News Alert Programs and even some have sold their News Robots, we still feel that there are still a few disadvantages that need to be adjusted in order to make News Trading more profitable and enjoyable. 

Problems With News Alert Programs:

One of the problems with the news alert system is that market can be moving lightening fast at news time and traders will have problem opening their trades on time.  The delay can be a killer.  So, even if the alert was correct, you won’t be able to enter the market at the right time.  Another problem, of course,  is that sometimes the alerts can be wrong, resulting in big losses as traders are relying on these alerts.  On the other hand, some people have come up with the retracement method, which allows traders  to enter a trade a little easier when market is more calm, but it is a scary method as it waits until the market retraces all the way back to re-enter in the same direction that the market has rise.  This could often times be deadly-wrong  because market can also continue to retrace.

Problems With Most News Robots:

There are many problems with most news robots currently available in the market.  Choosing the correct time to open a trade is one problem, choosing the right high/low to place pending orders is another problem when market fluctuates tremendously in both directions just 1 or 2 seconds before news. 

With all the current problems in mind, we have decided to release our Miracle News Trader Robot to the public for the first time as part of our courtesy in getting to know more traders world-wide.  If you have not heard about us, you can also visit us at: and We only release products that build our name.


Miracle News Trader is the first and only true profitable robot in the market that was designed to resolve all of the following issues:

Problems with wrong trading alert – RESOLVED!!!
Difficulties to enter a trade at news time when market moves lightening fast – RESOLVED!!!
Problems with determining the right time to enter trade – RESOLVED!!!
Problems choosing the best high/low for pending orders when  market fluctuates like a mad bull before news – RESOLVED!!!


Miracle News Trader also includes:

2 in 1 robot that can trade with both Instant Execution(Non-ECN) and Market Execution(ECN) Brokers
Auto Time Conversion: All you have to do is to enter news time in New York Eastern Time as is and it will auto convert to match with date & time of your broker’s server
Ability to set multiple news days for the entire month
Ability to win when market moves in both directions – No need to know anything about the news.  Just let the robot know the day and time of news and the currency pair to trade.
Ability to fully perform back-testing on previous news releases(please also visit: for free back-testing tools)




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